Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A day out on the lake.

One of the many frogs we saw that day.

Adams parents had this cute ore for Alaya.
Alaya loved being with Adam when he was paddling.

Our mouths are full of sunflower seeds!

Here is our Canoeing trip that we took. This lake is about 5 mins from Adams parents house. There are so many lakes and rivers around here, it is just crazy! Alaya at first had nothing to do with getting into the canoe then Adam told her it was like Pocahontas, then she got right into the canoe. She loved it! We went around part of lake shore and was looking for frogs. We found a few but they were just too fast. But we did see this one that we couldn't get to cause it was so shallow but too muddy to step in the water. But I was able to snap a cool picture of it. Everything is going good here, just staying really busy. Adam is working 3 jobs, I am doing massages and taking care of Alaya. It has been raining a lot here so not many days outside. But hopefully after May it will be more sunny and warmer. Well hope everyone is well and I will try to update again sooner!!


Felisha said...

Looks very pretty out there! Miss you guys!!

reyn and heidi said...

what a fun time out on the lake. Alaya is such a beautiful girl! I love how happy she got when adam said poccahantas. haha. She is so cute! I am glad you guys are making the best of being in Maine. Another Smith adventure :) It's great! I love you! and miss you so much! glad we have computers and phones to keep updated.

Carrian said...

That is a cool picture of that lil froggie! I hope you are feeling well today! Miss you!!

r said...

How fun to have a lake nearby! Alaya looks so happy on the canoe and that frog was so awesome!

Hope everything is going good out there!

The Johnsons said...

Geez, talk about busy busy busy!!! But looks like you are having lots of fun!!!

Britt and Spencer Johnson said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! Just remind Alaya that she went canoeing last summer at oceans of fun in Kansas City, then she wouldn't be afraid! What jobs are working at?