Saturday, January 16, 2010

1 month old

Well Cannon is a month and a week old today, I forgot to do his month post earlier this week. But he is such a joy to have in our home. He makes our family more complete! He loves kisses and loves to cuddle. He also always smiles at Alaya when she comes over to talk to him or to play with him. He smiles a lot I just havent been fast enough with the camera to get a really good cute smile of him. He is eating, sleeping, and pooing very good. He wakes up 2 times during the night around 1 or 2 am then 5 or 6 am. He hates having a poopy diaper, he will cry until it gets changed, which I dont blame him. Yesterday I thought he was done pooping but he wasnt and I had him butt naked wiping his bum and he decided to poo all over me and the couch. It was great!! haha! He is so long, he is wearing 3 month clothes. Im sure he has to be close to 10lbs. We are so blessed to have him in our lives!
This was when he was just a couple hours old. The lil red bumps on his face the doc said was from all the stress of the labor (cause It was a fast labor). But they are all gone now and he has a beautiful complextion :o)


Kristi Gardner said...

What a beautiful chunky baby!!

Carrian said...

I miss him!!! Maybe I'll come into town this week.