Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cindy & Jessica

I'm white!

My best friends. oh I miss them!!

Alaya Cannon and I

group photo

Proud Mommy!!!

My Princess!

I'm always burping Cannon. I mean always.

Alaya showing off the babys butt.

My two best friends came out from AZ and CA to visit me, Adam and the kids. It was soo good to have them here and to visit with them. We didnt do much but we were able to catch up on life and laugh a lot. It was soo good to have them here and I enjoyed their company a lot. I already miss them. Thanks guys for coming up!! I love you!!


Tara said...

You look so good... I know, I know probably not where you want to be... but seriously, you look great! The kids look great too... what a wonderful experience for have your best friends out to visit as such a beautiful time in your life!

reyn and heidi said...

You do look so stinking good! You look way better than i do and I had royce almost a year and a half ago! I am jealous of your great bod!
How stinking fun to have Cindy and Jessica up there with you! What great friends! :)

Carrian said...

So so fun!!! You look so great too!!!