Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All Cannons pictures are of him sleeping because that is pretty much all he does, eats, sleeps and poops haha!!
He looks so cozy and warm, I wish that was me!! Cannon has had a rough few days.First of all I have been pumping cause my breasts were very sensitive to the sucking. So I have been feeding him breast milk through the bottle. So everything I have been feeding him he has been puking it right up these past couple of days. I call the doc and spoke with the nurse and she said "I am probably feeding him way too much milk. So I have stopped giving him the bottle and have been feeding him from my boobs for about 4 mins on each side. He has been doing a lot better and less puking. So I guess he was eating way too much but he seemed like he wanted more each time I fed him. So the nurse also told me to give him a pacifier after I feed him cause babies just love to suck. So that has helped too, but I am not a BIG fan of pacifiers so hopefully he will only have to use it for a lil bit. But he is doing a lot better last night and today.
Alrighty here is my HANDSOME husband and BEAUTIFUL daughter. Adam looks soo hot in his work uniform I must say. I had to get a picture, well its not very good cause you cant see his whole body but he still is HOT.

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Alicia said...

What a cutie you have (Cannon)! & Adam & Alaya are cute too! You will have to let us know when you bless him so we can come, if you want us.