Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cannon Eating Rice

Alaya took this pic
And this one... I have noticed Adam and I dont have many pictures taken together because always one of us is taking the pic. So Alaya is getting better at taking pictures so hopefully we will have more pics of Ad and I.

Alaya feeding Cannon

I just LOVE this picture!
Spitting it out! This is not boobie milk.

Alright its not soo bad.
My lil chunky bubba!
My sweet Alaya wanting me to take a cute pic of her.
Well.... My doctor told me that it would be best to start Cannon on Rice now, since he is having a problem with reflux. I really wanted to wait longer but if it helps him Im all for it! He likes the rice but will only eat so much of it, which do you blame him? I have only given him Rice during lunch time right now. With the meds he is on and the rice cereal, he is puking less but he still has a lot of puke. He seems to be much happier, w a less sour tummy. Alaya is getting really into taking pictures now, she was snapping away with my camera. She loved it! She also loves feeding Cannon and she does a really good job too.

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