Saturday, May 1, 2010

Adams Half Marathon

Alaya & Cannon holding hands in the car while we were waiting for Adam to finish his race!
Sorry the pictures are backwards. but Adam ran past this guy before the finish line.
Adam Finished the race after 1 hour and 35 mins of running!

Adam at 6 miles! we went and found him in the car. Good thing cause his black shirt was soaking wet and he had it around his waste, so we were able to grab it from him.

All the people taking off. It was so cool too see 663 running!

Adam lining up
This guy Adam is talking to we met him the night before eating all you can eat pasta for $5. Then he spotted Adam this morning.

This guy running in the whit shirt by Adam. Seriously was running for 45 mins before the race. I thought he was going to be tired in the race but he was in 3rd at the 11 mile mark. CRAZY!

Alaya getting her wiggles out before sitting in the car for 3 hours.

Alaya getting ready to cheer her Daddy on!!

The awesome sign we made just for Adam!

He was taking his pants off so he could get use to the cold.
Adam was soooooo sooooo excited!! He has worked sooo hard for this race.

Adam did AMAZING!!! he got 6th out of 46 guys in his division and 34th out of 663 people!!! He has worked so hard in training for this race and to prepare for his marathon in june. He has been such a good inspiration for me to be healthy and to shoot for goals. We are soo proud of him and doing sooo awesome in this race. Hope to watch many more!!! CONGRATS ON DOING SO GOOD!!!!WE LOVE YOU ADAM!!


Carol said...

AWESOME job Ad!! What an amazing feat! A half marathon!! WOW!! I will be looking forward to the June post!! This is a quite a change from running in JEANS with me!! Look at the runner you've become!! You've got an amazing cheering squad! I'd be booking it to the finish line to get to them too!! =) Keep up the awesome training, I might have to contact you for pointers =) ~ C

Carrian said...

HOOOOORAY!!! Love all of the pictures!!!! I'm so excited to see you today!