Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

It was another AMAZING MOTHER'S DAY! Because I have these TWO AMAZING KIDS in my LIFE!!
Cannon is such a joy to have in our lives. I love watching him grow everyday and doing new things every moment. I love him so much!

Our best Family photo we could get on Mother's Day!

First attempt haha!!

Alaya is so much fun to be around! She is always making me smile with the things she does and has to say. I love her so much!
Today I was thinking about my kids and how they are so different in many ways but ONE thing they BOTH have in common is they are great comforters. When ever I am frustrated, crying, mad, hurt, sad.... What ever it may be Alaya is always giving me hugs, asking what is wrong, telling me everything will be ok. Cannon gives me smiles, kisses, and will look into my eyes with such a great comfort. I am so truly blessed to have these two AMAZING kids in my life. Heavenly Father has BLESSED Adam and I both with such smart, healthy, loving babies. I am so grateful to be a Mother!! Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's!!!

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Stephanie said...

Happy Mothers Day! You guys have such a cute family.