Saturday, May 29, 2010


This was a lovely picnic area up in Provo Canyon.
Adam and Alaya trying to get their boat to go down the river but there was just too many rocks
Their boat!
It was a cool boat!
Cannon, Adam and Alaya (look at her face haha!)

This started off with Adam jumping over her, then she wanted to give it a shot!

Adam jumping over Alaya! haha! ITS AN awesome photo!
Eating our steak, bake potatoes, and green beans.... Did you know you can over cook a bake potato ( I know this because I did it! haha!)
They were running back and forth about billion times. We are seriously going to sign Alaya up for a race. She could seriously do it!!!
Cannon the cute lil man he is!!!
Alaya and Me.
He loves to just sit and play with his toys. He is rolling over and sitting up a lot more by himself.
Thursday we went up through Provo Canyon (such a pretty drive). Everyone was there running, riding bikes, longboarding, skateboarding, rollerblading on the trail. WE have had some nice days but still cold days and this day was cloudy but warm out! We try to snatch Adam as much as we can cause he works a lot. So we try to get out and go play as a family. Alaya is getting so much older and remembers so much it makes the things we do more fun. Cannon is always up for anything. Hope everyone had a good Memorial weekend.

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