Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chair Redo!


I dont know how many hours it actually took me to finish this chair.I have worked on it for 2 days though. Somehow I finally some what finished the chair. The cushion I did was way too big! Dont know how it ended up being so big but its big and you can tell in the picture its pretty baggy. I have most of it tucked in. BUT I have just lost paitents with doing this project I am ready to be done!!!So I am waiting for my mom to help me with the cushion cause I will just mess it up more and she will be here in a week to make it tighter. But I like this chair a lot better now! Im making a cute pillow to go on it! The cool thing is we got the chair for FREE and I bought all the material for $20. So it was a nice cheap project and my first chair ever to reupholster... Dont think I would ever do it again.... I had to pull out about 500+ staples, cut my hand open with a screwdriver, got splinters,my head it killing me from thinking of how to tighten, tuck and pull the material, tired of my house being a wreck and my body is sore from bending over.... Im just glad its all DONE (almost, till the cushion gets fixed)!!! yay!!! YOU LIKE?

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Carrian said...

um yes i like!!!! it looks so awesome!!!!