Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Mom, I am a white unicorn with a purple and pink tail"

Alaya is our fairytale girl. She is always telling me she is either a cat or a unicorn. When she is a cat her name is Sophaphia (sp) and she has a white tale. When she is a unicorn she has a pink and purple tail. If I ask her to go pick up her toys " Alaya go pick your toys up." "NO MOM!!! I am not Alaya I am........." Then she proceeds to tell me if she is either the cat or the unicorn. If she is the cat she wants me to call her Sophaphia (sp). She is always talking to herself and I honestly would love to live in some of her places! They sound really like a fairytale. Every night when I get Cannon down for the night I usually take Alaya outside cause it has cooled down and she either likes to ride her bike or we draw on the sidewalks with chalk. It is really fun to draw and spend that one on one time w her! She is such an awesome GIRL!!!


Ashley said...

That is so cute! What an imagination! Good luck with her. :)

Carrian said...

holy good unicorn! i cannot draw!