Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is what we do when we are bored

Our family!!!Look how BIG the kids are getting!!!
Canon rolling and drooling everywhere.

Cannon learning to crawl, he is sooo close!!

Adam and I being silly. What we love to do!

Cannon and Alaya laughing at mom.

You can for sure tell they are brother and sister.

Alaya trying to help Cannon smile. haha!

Alaya... She is so funny she was moving around and giving me all different kinds of poses.

Beautiful smile!

What the heck are you doing mom? Cuties!! Alayas hair is soo long and still curly!

Playing on the floor together.

Great mom has the camera again!

Yesterday was Alayas FIRST gymnastics meet. It was just to basically show us some of her skills she has learned (even though we go watch her every time she has gymnastics) but they handed out lil purple ribbons to the kids in her class. They don't do placing in her age groups, she would have to tryout and go to bigger meets for that. But we like her to just enjoy it now and Im sure she will like to compete with other kids in a yr or so.. But she did amazing, which I wasn't surprised at all.. She keeps asking me EVERYDAY (no JOKE) "mom is it follow follow ween (Halloween) yet?" "Mom is tomorrow Christmas?" "Mom, is Katelynn, mia, Aida, peyton, aubree, ava,preston coming to my birthday tomorrow?" these are the 3 questions I get asked EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! haha! She is such a funny, beautiful girl!! Cannon is working on crawling so hard, he is 8 months. I seriously think he is going to be walking before crawling though. He is starting to pull himself up onto everything and tries to open doors to the tv center. He also has a TOOTH!! YIKES!!! It is his front bottom right one. I knew has been teething for awhile and it finally popped through. I finally got him and Alaya to sleep through the night... YES that is right!! I am getting a full nights rest!!! I don't even know how long that has been, but it feels amazing and We have happy kids in the morning!! Cannon also takes at least 3 and half hour nap in the morning and 2 and half hour nap or more in the afternoon. He is a growing boy!! He still has his really bad acid reflux it is just smelling more like PUKE now.... yeah I soon will be puking just from cleaning it up!!! I have a weak stomach for that. blah!! But I guess it is slowly getting a lil better!!On Thursday we went to the county fair which was a lot of fun. When we first got here we went right after a HUGE rain storm so the parking lot was nothing but MUD, SERIOUSLY nothing but Mud! Good thing I wore sandals so I didnt care if my feet got wet. Alaya got to ride rides non stop and as many as times as she wanted cause it was cheaper to buy her a wrist band. Then on some rides Adam and I had to ride w her so we go to ride for free. haha! It was great!! We ate a lot of junk food and got sick on some rides, blah!! We can't do the spinning rides blah!! WEll I hope you all are enjoying the weather now that it is cooling down a bit, which I'm not really liking cause I LOVE HEAT! but it also does feel good to have another season approaching (fall)... I like fall too!


B said...

So cute! Both of your kids have so much hair now! I remember I tried to put Alaya's hair in a pony tail when I watched her one time in Kansas City. That was funny! Now it's so long! ANyway, hope all is well!

Ashley said...

They are both getting so big! It's crazy how fast they grow up. GOOD JOB Alaya at Gymnastics. What a cutie!