Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pre-school here AlAyA comes!

Tuesday was Alayas First day of Pre-school for the school year. She did the summer pre-school that was one day a week but now she is going 2 days a week. She is going to school at her Gymnastic Gym. They do a pre-school where they do academics for 2hrs and 15 mins then gymnastics for 45 mins. That is why she is dressed in a leotard and a skirt. Alaya just loves it!! We also have her in a normal gymnastic class on wed and that is an hour long. So we have 3 busy days in a row, which we LOVE, cause I get a sleepy girl for the night!! Hopefully by the end of the school year Alaya will be starting to READ! We are so proud of her and she is accomplishing so many things already in life!!

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