Thursday, March 26, 2009


Jimmy Eat World
Travis Hall
Sick Puppies
Evanescense Again, She is sooo pretty!
Damien Rice, a lil small pic, sorry
Chevelle, I came 2 inches from touching them. haha!

Music is such a big part of Adam and I life. We both love it and love the same type of music, which is pretty much everything. So I finally made time to put a play list on our blog. I have been wanting to do it for a long time. So I stayed up till 1am making this list and going through my IPod picking songs also looking online for songs.
I thought it would be cool to add some picture of some concerts we have been to. When Adam and I go to concerts we love being in the way front with all the crazy people. Being in the front on the floor means a lot of PAIN! haha! But we love it! Everyone is just pushing you so hard into the fence, stepping all over you, pushing you out of the way, hitting you in the face with their feet/elbows/heads. It is great! haha! I know we are crazy. So here is a list and pictures of some concerts we have been to.
The Fray (2 times, my first concert ever!)
Sick Puppies
Evanescense (my favorite)
Colbie Caillat
Jimmy Eat World
Damien Rice
Rev Theory
Seether (the craziest, we were upfront and there were times I felt like my ribs were gonna bust)
Gwen Stefani
Lady Sovereign
Travis Hall
There are so many more bands that we want to go see. All these concerts were awesome!


Carrian said...

Holy moly! You guys are concert goers!

Kristi Gardner said...

I wanna go to the cute is what we aim for concert!!! I have only been to 1 concert ever and jeff has never been!! we are lame i know!!

Felisha said...

Miss you guys!!! A LOT!