Wednesday, March 4, 2009


First of all Adam and Alaya have been sick pretty much the whole time we have been in Arizona. So on Monday morning Alaya woke up with croup and Adam has had a bad cold/allergies for almost 2 weeks now. Tuesday morning at 3am I had to take Alaya to the ER cause her cough was so bad. They gave her a steroid shot in the leg.

Monday morning when I was going to wal-mart to get Alaya and Adam some medicine and as im pulling into wal-mart there were 20 cop cars and all I see is yellow caution tape through out the parking lot. I drove close to the front of wal-mart and there was a wal-mart worker asking me "if I was coming or going?" I said "coming". She said "hurry up and park and get inside the store." Once I heard that I said "umm..... No thanks, Ill go to Walgreen's. Immediately I call my parents cause my dad works for the fire department to see what is going on. I get home and they said "an older lady was shot and killed, then her husband was shot and went right in for surgery and also the their dog was killed." On Tuesday morning they pulled the guy (the killer) over in New Mexico and as the cop was walking up to the car they guy shot himself in the head. This week has been a crazy week! I'll be posting pictures later.


r said...

Yikes! Doesn't sound like it was a very relaxing vacation :( I hope Alaya and Adam are feeling better!

Jodi and Jason said...

That was in Show low? Heidi told me about it. That is just crazy!! Sorry your family has been sick this week, we have to, it seems like such a random time of year for everyone to get sick! Well I hope you enjoyed some of your vacation!