Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Birthday!

Yup that is right it was my Birthday too! Happy Birthday to me on Monday the 25th. It was my golden birthday and a bit depressing. 25 is getting old!! I had a good Birthday like always... Adam just spoils me! He bought me a whole bunch of cooking pans, cupcake stand (been wanting one forever!) Snow hat and goggles. Then we went to Tacanos for dinner, for those who dont know what Tacanos is it is pretty much all you can eat meat and then they have a all you can eat salad bar! YUP AMAZING!!! Adam also bought me a delicious cake from Cold Stone and him and the kidos sang Happy Birthday. Then we ended the night with watching a movie and cuddling (which we dont get to do much of these days, so it was AWESOME!). OH... and then on our way to dinner..... Some lady decided she wanted to get into a 4 car fender bender and our car being the 2nd car infront. So we had to wait around for 30 mins to get everyone info and filling out a police form. And we had just gone around another fender bender, then 30 secs later it was us in the fender bender. But the good news... it wasn't our fault so our car will get fixed by the other cars insurances. yay! Hope everyone has a fun Halloween!! We will be taking the kids out to get some candy and then coming home and eating all the candy! Pictures will soon come!!!


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday to all of you! Hope all your birthday were the best ones yet!

Felisha said...

happy birthday!