Sunday, October 3, 2010

update of kidos

Alaya is starting to like Cannon going into her room and playing with her. He usually gets bossed around but I don't think he minds, he just loves playing w her.
He makes this face a lot, pretty dang cute!

Check out my double chin, isn't it awesome?!
Cannon crawls and climbs everywhere!
Miss Alaya ready for church.

The night before church I washed her hair (which I always do anyways) and then I did 10 braids all over her head. Then when we were getting ready for church I took them all out and this it what it looked like. It was a bit poofy but it was still cute.

Alaya sitting in our newly redone chair!
We are so happy for fall. We love summer but we are glad it is fall (which I never thought I would be saying that, cause I love summer so much and dont like it getting cold) But since the kids are getting older I look more forward to the holidays. Alaya is sooo excited for her Unicorn Birthday party (which is on the day of her actual birthday) She talks about her birthday pretty much everyday. She is still wanting it to be Halloween and Christmas. 2 more weeks till her birthday! I'm counting down! haha! Alaya is also doing awesome in gymnastics, she is doing really good at her cartwheels and round offs. She is loving school and knows all her money change amounts. Cannon he has been getting his two upper front teeth, I feel sooo bad for him. He would not sleep at all yesterday (he only slept 1 hr all day) then he woke up 2 times last night (which he sleeps through the night). So he wasnt feeling good and just screaming! I thought he might had an earache from the way he was acting, but of course the doctors office was closed at 12am and I ended up just seeing how the night went. He woke up this morning happy with a runny nose. So I think just the pressure from the teething and nose draining is hurting his ears a bit. He climbs and crawls everywhere. He can stand on his own for a bit and is starting to say "momma and dadda". He can sign all done and more. He is kinda a picky eater. Ill put food on his tray and he will pick it up and throw it right onto the floor. I will say "Cannon are you going to be one?" So he will then hold one finger up. It is pretty dang cute!!! We all laugh at him all the time.

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