Monday, October 18, 2010

4th Birthday

Alaya has been wanting this movie "Spirit" for about a yr and half now. I finally found it and she was so excited!
Beauty and the Beast, she was also excited!
Pillow pet, unicorn!
Horses! Alaya LOVES all the presents she got. Thank you!! She screamed every time she opened one up.
Katelynn broke the Pinata! Kids running to get candy!

kiddos waiting for their turn to hit the unicorn.
I think Adam had more fun being in charge of the pinata.
Eating CAKE!!!!
Doing glitter cheeks and glitter nails.

Balloon fight to get the party started.
Adam drew the unicorn behind the girls. Alaya, Peyton, Ariah
The cake I have been stressing about! It turned out good!
Alaya had a really good Birthday Party! It is always fun to see the excitement on your kids face. I LOVE IT! I just love seeing Alaya so happy and being able to give her the Birthday Party she deserves. After the party she kept telling Adam and I "Thank you so much for my party!" I'm glad she had fun!!! Tomorrow is her actual Birthday. It is so crazy that she is already 4.. Where has the time gone? Thank you everyone that came, you for sure made Alayas Birthday more special! THANK YOU!!!


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Alaya!

Carrian said...

HOOORAY!!! Everything turned out amazing!!!!!! You made the best party for those kids. Peyton seriously had the best time ever.