Saturday, October 16, 2010


I got a new calling... I am the Visiting Teacher Leader. Ya its a huge calling... Well not as BIG as RS President but close haha! JK! I am over all Visiting Teaching in the ward. Luckily I have another girl that has the same calling as me so we can help each other out! Im down with that!! But we did have two RS and they just combined both and have switched up all the callings. Sooo we have already accomplished a lot and such but still feels like there is so much to do, which there is.
Adam also got a new calling. He is the Elders Q Secretary. He pretty much does the same thing as I do but with home teaching and taking roll on Sunday and some other things.
We are both grateful for these two callings!!!
PS... Hopefully we will have some good family pictures so share w everyone.. It was long and a long story ill post later. But ya let me just say I hope we at least got one good picture after a 2 hrs shoot and going to 4 different locations. YAY!!

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