Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adams Birthday!

Adam wanted some dumb bell weights for his birthday. Isn't he the cutest thing ever? I know I am a lucky girl!
We did only 8 candles. Adam said "only 8 candles?" I said "Yes... do you want me to put all 28 on there?" hehe!
Cannon, Alaya and Adam. I was trying to get them all into the pic haha!

Alaya excited to sing Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Kiddos being them cute selves.

Alaya on her birthday, getting ready to go to school.

Cannon eating some dinner.

Adam wanted his moms pumpkin roll instead of a cake this year. It was my first time ever making it and it turned out pretty good, If I must say so myself!
Today is Adams 28th Birthday!!! He had to work today so we celebrated it yesterday while he was home. When I looked at the recipe for the pumpkin roll it only called for 1/2 of cup of pumpkin, which I bought a HUGE can of and I didnt want to waste it all. So I pretty much went crazy with making pumpkin things. I first made the pumpkin roll, then pumpkin muffins, then pumpkin oatmeal cookies. And the pumpkin roll was the best out of all the pumpkin things haha! Then Adam also LOVES clam chowder... so I made that for dinner. Adam will be also running the half marathon (the one that I was going to do, but hurt my knee) this coming sat! So we will be cheering him on. It will be his 2nd half marathon. I am so proud of him in all the amazing accomplishments he has done in the past year. He makes me so proud everyday and I am so blessed to be married to him. Alaya and Cannon Adore him and both get sooooooooooo excited to see him when he walks through the front door. He is such a great Husband and Dad!!! Adam I hope you have a great Birthday and WE love you so much!!!!

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