Friday, September 26, 2008

Alaya always gets into my scriptures and just starts talking away like she is reading them. She has wripped many pages out of them. We read scriptures every night before bed time and always after her bath. So tonight after her bath she went and sat on the couch and started reading them. She is soo cute and loves Heavenly Father!
My lil reader
She was reading something good!
Alaya started this new thing where she always lines things up. She lined them all up and then was standing in line behind them all. Then running around them and laughing soo hard.
Got her to smile!!!!!
She knows where they all go too!
Alaya loves oranges, but they are soo messy. So I put a paper towel in her shirt so she doesnt stain it. She usally eats naked.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm goood!!
I love this girl to death!!

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