Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today has been a rough day for me. Alaya has been throwing these horrible 2 tantrums. I mean horrible, where I cant control her. She will lay on the floor and kick the floor while she is screaming, then she will roll everywhere just with this horrible scream that is sooo deep it sounds like she is going to hurt her volcal cords. I hope that this tantrum stage will get over soon.

I wanted to wait till I had pictures to post this but Its gonna take awhile to get the pictures. Anyways, yesterday My grandparents took Adam, Alaya and I to Wheelers Farm here in SLC. It's just a Farm with alot of animals and you can ride a wagon, milk a cow, ride horses, etc. Anyways we get to this farm and I go inside with my grandparents to get some tokens to do stuff. We come outside and here walks Adam and Alaya, with Alaya just screaming. As they get closer Alaya is covered in MUD head to toe, she had fallen into a ditch with water and mostly MUD!!! Of course I didnt bring a change of clothes and the wipes werent getting all the mud out of her hair agh! So good thing we live like 1 mile from the place. So I ran home with Alaya and had to give her a quick bath and get her re-dressed and do her hair again!!! AHHHH! So after 15mins we get back to the Farm and not even 5 mins of being there Alaya trips on my foot (cause she never watches what is infront of her when she is running or walking) and falls right on her face in the concrete. AHHHH!!!! So it was a great 30 mins of getting to the Farm yesterday. But on a happier note we had fun. Alaya loved feeding the ducks and everytime she would throw food on the ground she would say "you hungry? here you go" haha Sooo cute! She loves animals and could live on a farm.

Besides Alaya throwing her fits and getting hurt she always tells me she loves me and gives me the biggest hugs ever. Im so blessed and greatful to be her mom and knowing that she loves me as much as she does. I cant even remember what Adam and I life was like without her, she is such a sweet princess!!!

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Ashley and Andrew said...

All I have to say is good luck with the tantrums. I can only pray Hunter won't throw those, but who am I kidding right? Every child does it and I've been told the phase ends. :) The farm sounds like it could've been a little less stressful but, I'm glad it turned out to be fun!