Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is Alaya saying WOW!!! This is the first W
This is the O

This is the last W
I thought it was pretty funny how I got that whole word as a picture!!

This is Alaya's new thing to do. It drives me crazy. Im so afraid that the tv is gonna fall on her or something!!!

Alaya is soooo dang cute!!!! I can't even explain it!!!

This is her new smile! Its sooo cute!!!! haha!!

Shes is a beauty!!

S he was saying Cheese while I was taking the picture!

Today Alaya and I took a walk. There is this lil river that is behind our place and Alaya loved It. She loves anything that has to do with water though. So we were just having fun and taking fun pictures of her!! We really needed to get out of the house because she has started this horrible 2 year old tantrums. So we have to get out and do things to keep her happy. For her 2nd birthday I am wanting to do Cinderella, because she loves her alot!! So my sister called me and told me that her sis-in-law did her lil girls party as a princess party and she had some girls dress up like all the princesses! AHHHHHHH it was such a good idea! So now I want to hire someone to be Cinderella at Alaya's 2nd birthday party!! Her birthday is next month so I need to act fast!!! Im so excited for her birthday! haha!


MAGLEBYS said...

Yes, Yes, Alaya may just be the CUTEST girl EVER. She is such a sweetie. Way cute idea to have a Princess party too!! Your such a good mommy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Crystal!! I'm so excited you finally decided to do a blog!! Good for you!! You're little girl is adorable...she is very pretty too!! I wish that we could get together sometime. Someday our family will go up to utah and we can come visit! I'm glad your back though from the Mid West because i actually was getting worried now with all the weather and tornados over there! Anyway, you guys look so happy!! Miss ya alot!!

r said...

alaya is so cute! she looks so grown up!