Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have no idea where to start!! Sorry it has been so long since my last email. We were having major issues with our computer. The jack where you put the charger in got pushed into the computer. So I took it into Best Buy and they said it was going to be 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS till I would have my computer back. Well that was a month and half ago. I got my computer back a week before we were leaving KC. When I got it back they replaced my whole Hard drive, which means I lost everything. I had no idea that they replace my Hard Drive. I just took it in to get the plug jack fixed. So I had to wait till we got home to get the recovery discs that were In our storage unit. Yeah it was great ot find let me tell ya! So Now my computer is finally working!! Adam and I decided to extend the season doing summer sales. We thought at first we were going to Tennesse, but we had to pick our top 3 places to go and SLC was one that we got to choose from and we were lucky enough to get sent here. AHHH It is soo good to be home and see our friends and family. Alaya has missed my sisters girls alot. She has loved playing with them. We left KC last friday at 2pm. Alaya took an hour nap around 5pm. Then she didnt sleep till 5AM. It was such a long ride because she was screaming the whole time because we were going through the rockies and our ears were killing all of us. It was horrible. Adam drove till 5Am then I decided to drive the rest of the way. Yeah it took us about 19 hours to get home. with all the stops we had to make to make Alaya happy and also us. haha!!! When we got to Utah they were suppose to have an apartment for us, well they did, but it was sooo trashed, the guys that lived in there before we came were messy!!! There was food boxes and food everywhere. There was no way I was gonna clean after traveling 19 hours. Plus Im a major clean person so It would have taken me all night. I just didnt have energy to do it. So we told the manager we werent going to stay there until it got cleaned. So we went and chilled with my sister for the weekend till monday. It was a lot of fun. to catch up and visit. We thank them for having us!!! They helped us out a lot. So monday they said our apt was ready. So we finally got here to our new place on monday. It was alot cleaner than it was before. But I have been cleaning for the pass two days because Im a major clean freak. The carpets were nasty, every time you walked barefoot your feet would be black. So I have been shampooing carpets all night. AHHHH everything is clean now!!!Alaya is excited to sleep in her crib again. Ever since we left KC she has been asking me to go home and she wants her bed. We are hoping we can stay here in this place till next summer so we dont have to move again. It is really nice here, very spacious. Alaya is getting sooo big!!!! She will be two next month and she is sooo smart. She is talking a lot more. She loves to jump on anything that is bouncy, she loves watching her morning learning Cartoons, coloring, singing, dancing, doing front summer saults, playing with her babies, talking on the phone, being outside, walks, playing with Adam, reading scriptures, praying (She is always praying, all day long), Ahhh there is soo much to say! Adam has been working really hard and is doing awesome!!!! He starts the extended season tomorrow so we wont see him that much for 5 more weeks. It goes by fast though!! He has had a nice break so he is ready to get back to selling. Im doing good, Just trying to recover from everything. Its soo nice to be home so I can finally get my hair done, and get a massage from my sister. Im sooo looking forward to those two things. My parents are coming up this thursday for my sisters son's baby blessing. They will be staying till sunday. Then on Monday Adam's lil bro is flying in to SLC to get ready to go on his mission to Germany for 2 years. So we have alot going on in the next couple of days. But It is fun. I like staying busy with everything!!!

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Brie said...

Hey Crystal! I came across your blog and just wanted to say hi! Your family is adorable, glad to see you are doing great! Welcome back to Utah!