Friday, September 12, 2008

We have had a really busy week since being back to Utah. My parents came up from az to visit, my sister blessed her lil baby boy Preston, my cousin Michelle had her first lil girl, and Adam's younger brother has left on his mission to Germany. It was my first time being in the MTC, and it was soo amazing!!! The spirit in there was sooo strong, I LOVED IT!!!!!!!We are doing really good, we are loving being back home. Alaya is excited to play with her cousins and see her new baby cousin. Alaya is starting to talk alot more. Her new things to say are "I'm comin!", "I'm sorry!", "I Ove You!", She can count to 10 by herself. Sometimes she will skip 4,5,6 and go straight to 7. But she is getting better and she has counted to 10 by herself alot. She knows alot of colors and shapes. She loves chocolate milk, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, PBJ sandwhiches, apples, bannanas, cereal, pankcakes, french toast, any kind of crackers. She dances all day and runs. She is in the process of getting her Eye Teeth. So we are dealing with waking up in the middle of the night and giving her drugs. They have been trying to come in for a long time and hopefully now they will pop through. She loves brushing her teeth. We sing twinkle twinkle lil star as we brush. She still loves to be held, which I love but when Im trying to get stuff done its kinda hard because she is huge and it kills me to carry her. She loves going to church and looks forward to reading scriptures everynight before bed. She has reminded me many times we need to read scriptures cause she will bring my scriptures to me. We are working on her saying the dinner blessing. I catch her praying all day long, its priceless!!! Adam and I are sooo blessed to have such an amazing lil, healthy girl. We are soo blessed and greatful!! Adam is still working hard and long hours! It will soon be over, thank goodness!

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