Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Katelynn, Alaya, Preston, Amelia.... These are Alayas cousins!!! They are sooo dang cute!!!!
A girl that I work with brought her new kitten to work. Alaya kept picking it up by the neck and she was holding it by the neck. Poor kitten!!! She loved it. Even an hour after seeing it she was still talking about the kitten. It was really cute!!!

Adams older brother Jeremy and his wife Callie came down from Idaho this weekend and they stopped by to say HI! It was good to see them! Here are some pictures of them as they were in a hurry to leave. haha!

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The White Family said...

I am so excited you have a blog! Tell Adam he's starting to look the part of a security salesman! Alaya is so cute! We are so glad you guys are doing well and enjoying life! Our blog is http://christianandaddiewhite.blogspot.com oh and I have a website now and there are pics of you guys on it! There is a link from my blog... addiewhitephotography.com