Monday, October 20, 2008


Today was a tiring day. Alaya had her 2 year doctors appointment, she is way healthy. She is in the 90% tile for her height and 70% tile for her weight. She is a growing lil girl!!! I'm so proud of myself because she has gone 4 nights now without a bottle. Tonight was the first night she asked for one and I said "no more bottles, your a big 2 year old now". She thought that was ok cause she didn't fuss about not getting one. So hopefully it will continue to stay that way. I know some people might think I'm a horrible mom cause I still had Alaya on a bottle this long, but she is way healthy and I'm sure her bones are wicked strong. hehe! Now she only gets milk with her meals.

I also went to the doctor today because Adam and I have been trying since Alaya was one for another baby. AGHH! Its been really frustrating! So I haven't been to the OBGYN since Alaya was 6 weeks old so it was time to go (I dread it every time). My doctor found a cyst on one of my ovaries, there ya go that is why I haven't been able to get prego as of right now. We don't know how long it has been on there for. I'm way bummed though cause If the cyst doesn't disappear in my next menstrual cycle than I will most likely have to get surgery. So I'm practicing my FAITH that it will go away and that I can hopefully soon get prego. I also have been having problems with my stomach ( I know, I'm a walking time bomb!). Anyways every time I eat spicy, dairy, or citrus fruits my stomach kills and I have to take a Zantac. I went to the doctor when we lived and Kansas this summer and she told me that I have too much Acid in my stomach. So I was on this strick diet for a month. No tomato base foods, fruit, dairy, chocolate (it was the hardest) and there were a few other things. Those are the things I mainly eat though. So it was hard, but I did notice a difference, but it still kills me. So my OBGYN wants me to go to another specialist to check out my stomach before I have to go back to him in 4 weeks to see if my cyst is gone. OK all I want is to have another kid seriously and no joke EVERYONE I KNOW is getting prego or is prego and I'm happy for you all but It kills me cause I wish it was me. I'm so greatful though that I have Alaya and I can enjoy the time we spend together. Alright I have complained enough for the night. If anyone has ever had any cysts or stomach issues, that I'm going through I would really love it if you left a comment. I need all the advise I can get. :@)


r said...

Ohh, Crystal! I haven't gone through any of that, but I will pray for you! I hope you get better and pregnant. Good luck!

Glad that Alaya is so healthy :)

Morgan said...

I am so sorry Crystal.....I feel your pain. I am so baby hungry constantly but I know that may not be an option for me again. Alaya is beautiful and be so grateful that you have her and that she is healthy. Keep having motto in life(it drives John crazy) is that everything happens for a reason. Your faith is definately being tested and I am sure that a little baby is waiting as patiently as you are to come down to you. Your family is darling!

reyn and heidi said...

Oh man crystal. i am so sorry. cysts suck! i had them in high school. and i hated them! mine caused me a lot of pain at that time of the month. i had to chug water like crazy and prop my legs up on the couch and take ibuprofen. it was terrible. but i got lucky and the cysts went away! you are a very strong faithful girl, things will all work out the way the Lord intends it to. I am sorry you are going through this, but at least you now know what the problem is. and you can get it fixed, it sucks that it could be through surgery. but if it makes it so you can get pregnant then at least we have that knowledge. ya know. i am pretty sure my aunt and my cousin had surgery because of a cyst that they had. and they each have 3 kids. as for you stomach i am sorry! that stinks. i hope you get that resolved soon.

by the way you aren't a bad mom, you have a very healthy beautiful girl!

i love you crystal. take care!
let me know how everything goes.

Jennifer Collett said...

Hey girly girl! At least you don't have any major problems, like ovarian cancer or something. Cysts are just annoying as hell, but they'll go away. As for your stomach, oh man! I've had major problems for a long time and then I stopped eating dairy almost completely and what a huge difference. Everyone's different so it might not work for you, but I drink soy milk instead and I haven't had many problems since then. I used to almost overdose on antacids, but now I rarely take them. So you might just be lactose intolerant (I sucks at first, but you'll get used to it.) Anyway, I know how you feel about the baby thing, I was all excited to start trying, but my wishes have to be put on hold, for a long time. It breaks my heart every day, so I hope you don't have to go through the same pain. I pray you'll have a baby, and this time it'll be a boy :D I love you! xoxox!