Monday, October 6, 2008

First of all I want to mention how much I enjoyed Conference this past weekend. Its always good to hear guidance of what we need to be doing. The talk that stood out to me the most was by Joseph B Wirthlin. Laugh instead of getting angry basically. I need to practice that a lot in my daily tasks. It is hard when you get busy and stuff isn't going the way you want it to or your child is acting the way you don't want them to act. But I just need to sit back and laugh and enjoy that moment cause someday they will be gone. One of the Quotes I loved was " Put your trust in the Lord, do your best and the Lord will do the rest" It goes something along those lines.
Saturday night at the Priesthood session Adam's younger brother was selected to sing in the choir for that night. Adam said that he thinks he saw the top of his head ( his nose and eyes) haha! So that was cool and we didn't know he was singing in it, until we got his letter that day in the mail!!


Kristi Gardner said...

They are so sneaky! Kade ate a bunch of Ellie's teething tablets the other day! I just read an article about the powder dishwasher soap if they eat it it can badly burn their mouth, throat and esophagus.Scary! So we finally have locked cabinets! Just thought i would share my new knowledge! :)

Anonymous said...

Crystal, your family is soo cute! want to leave a comment on like every post!! Your daughter is so like mine!! Addyson's favorite thing to do is get water out of our refrigerator and get she will find two cups and just pour the water from one cup to the other, she will do that for ever. She loves spoons too and she's grab all of our spoons and play with them in the cups and even take the spoons that we've eaten off of and put them back in the drawer, so i dont know which one is dirty or clean sometimes!! Addyson hasn't really gotten into anything too serious yet, hopefully it stays that way! She loves loves loves lotion though and always tries to get that!! It looks beautiful up there in utah, i love when leaves change that color. Unfortunately it doesn't do that here in this valley!!!