Friday, October 24, 2008


Today is my handsome husbands birthday!! He is a BIG 26. It's sad cause Alaya and I won't see Adam today, he is in Idaho Falls till tomorrow night. I love him and I'm so greatful to be his wife!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


Mcbride Family said...

Okay! I didn't even know you had a freaking blog! What the crap!?!?!?!? C'mon you gotta keep me informed! I miss you guys! Member when we used to hang out? Umm yeah, what happened? I cannot believe how big your little gal is getting! SHE IS ADORABLE. She still looks JUST like Adam. We really need to get together. K? Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! I wanna hear all about your guys' adventure over the summer too.

r said...

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Julianna and Mark Weeks and Family said...

Happy B-day!! and i'm excited you found my blog. thanx for the comment, stay in touch.