Monday, October 6, 2008

Poison Control, Alaya has done it again!!!

Alright so over this summer Alaya was playing in the kitchen. She would usually climb in the cupboards and put her toys in there and stuff. Well I was in the shower and Adam was in the living room. He went to check on her and she was in Dishwasher Liquid wash. AHHH!!! So Adam was rinsing out her mouth, I was calling poison control. They asked all the medical questions and then told me to give her milk. She was fine! The next day after this happened she got into Nair, yeah that is right NAIR!!! She came to me and was like "mom, yuck!", I smelt her mouth and It smelt like NAIR!!!Adam went to check to make sure and sure enough. Oh man, So I watched her for medical signs like I did the day before and gave her milk. Now just a few days ago She got into Adam's After Shave!!! Ok this might sound like I don't watch her at all! But you know how they are soo fast at getting into things and so sneaky about it. So I just did the same thing as I did before give her milk.


r said...

Yikes!!! Hazel hasn't gotten into cleaners yet, but this afternoon she peeled a bunch of paint off her wall. The joys of parenthood :)

Ashley and Andrew said...

what a little pickle! makes me nervous for Hunter to get to that age. I hear little boys can be more mischievous than girls. i hope not. ha! hey how did you get your page to show when everyones blogs update? i like that

Brigitte said...

Alaya sounds a lot like my kids. Always into EVERYTHING! I wanted to let you know something that my neighbor nurse friend told me though. I guess every single time something like that happens you need to call Poisen control because the remedy won't always be the same. For certain poisens they might tell them to drink grape juice, sometimes milk, other times they'll tell you to just rinse their mouth and advoid dairy products. It changes by the stuff they take. I wasn't sure by your post if you already knew that and maybe you did call them each time, but I figured I might as well tell ya in case you didn't know.

Good luck! Kids sure can be a handful. haha. :)