Friday, October 10, 2008

First I would like to say I don't know what is wrong with Adam. Ever since we got back to Utah from Kansas he has been walking around our 75 degree house with a hoodie and blanket, saying he is cold... When we met he was never cold. I was the one wearing the hoodies and blankets (I still do) But it is just weird to me. So I had to take pictures. He was watching the Boston Red Sox! Go BOSTON!!!!
He's soooo HOT!!!
Adam and I love German Pancakes. German Pancakes are pretty much the only thing he makes besides no bake cookies. But Adam has been letting Alaya help him crack the eggs and pour milk into the bowl. This is where the milk had spilt on the counter. OH... I have to tell you this story. So since Adam has let her crack eggs, she found a rock outside that looked like an egg. She had brought it inside and told me "EGG MOM" I said "No it's a rock" So she was trying to crack this rock "egg" on the Tile and our glass tv stand!! AHHH!!! It was cute though!!

Pouring the milk into the bowl

Holding the measuring cup for Daddy!

I love this picture. To me it says "please no pictures mom" haha!

Playing with that plastic container still! While wearing my shoes!! haha!!! I love this girl!!


r said...

You guys are so brave, letting Alaya crack the eggs!! I love the 'no more' picture! Very cute :)

Ike and Bethany said...

You guys are so stinkin cute! Alaya has gotten so big, but of course I havent seen her since like her baby blessing. We need to hang out!