Saturday, February 21, 2009

Draper Temple!

Alaya and I at the Draper Temple open house.
Alaya, Katelynn, Amelia, Sydney

Alaya on the bus going to the Temple.

Today we were able to go to the Draper Temple open house. It was so beautiful and so awesome to feel the spirit inside, especially with Alaya. I was so sad that Adam wasn't able to come with us, cause he was down in Arizona working but I sure was thinking of him. Its always awesome to see new Temples and just how beautiful and amazing they are inside.


The Arthurs said...

So...this is kind of random (sorry!), but I was going through old posts this morning and I realized I'd never answered your questions! (You probably don't even remember that, but it was bothering me!) SooOOoo...Yup, my husband works for Platinum too. Last year was our first year and we sold in Charlotte. Ben is going to be an assistant manager this year in....Seattle! We are soo excited to go out again this summer! By the way, your little girl is seriously SO beautiful! What a little doll! I'm so excited for when Taelie gets older, but I'm loving every bit of her being a baby right now too!

reyn and heidi said...

Crystal you look great! That is so cool you guys were able to check out the Draper Temple. And that Alaya and the cousins could all see inside. Too bad Adam couldn't see it. But he is a working man - has a family to support. ;)

Melissa Hruban said...
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Melissa Hruban said...

i love your blog, way cute! and your daughter is adorable! she looks like so much fun!