Thursday, February 5, 2009

Growing up over night

Do you ever wake up and look at your kid and they seem like they grew up over night. That was me today. I felt like Alaya looked so old today, which is really sad because I don't want her growing up too fast. I feel bad that I haven't taken a lot of pictures of her lately, cause we just haven't really done anything exciting. So tomorrow I need to make some cookies with her or something so I can take some pictures and show her off. She is so beautiful!! She has just started saying all the prayers haha. Adam and I will say "Okay lets pray" and shortly you hear Alaya blessing Tinker Bell and Cinderella, food, mommy, daddy,etc. It is so cute! She also started mimicking princess characters, like when Ariel is in her cavern and she is singing and swimming, Alaya will sing and do all her motions with her. Then today I noticed that he puts her arms behind her and runs, like as if she is a fairy off of Tinker Bell flying. HAHA! It is so dang cute! Maybe she'll be an actress? I'll post picture of her tomorrow!


Julianna and Mark Weeks and Family said...

So When I get to that stage I'll know who to talk to about it. I'm excited to see mine grow and learn, but he's safe right now;(still in the tummy).

r said...

That is so cute! I love that she prays for TinkerBell!! So funny!

Carrian said...

She is so beautiful and I thought she looked older today too!!