Sunday, February 1, 2009

June 18,2005

This is what I would look like if I didn't have freckles.

I thought this idea was really cute from my cousin blog. So I'm gonna do the same and anyone else that can find your wedding pictures you should post one of you and your love. Here is Adam and I right before we were sealed in the Snowflake, Arizona Temple in 2005. WOW!!! Almost 4 years. Crazy!!! Oh I have to share this with everyone cause it is cool, I think.... So I was reading back in my journal of when Adam and I first met and the first day we Hung out together was Feb 20th. A year later on that same day, Feb 20th we found out we were prego with ALAYA. CRAZY, on how much things change in a full year!! I LOVE IT!!


Felisha said...

So pretty!

r said...

That is really cool! Cute pictures, I love your dress!

Carrian said...

I love your pictures! That is crazy how much things change in a year! Remind me to tell you why we have 0 pictures if I haven't alreayd!