Sunday, February 8, 2009


Alaya loves building castles for her princesses.
Alaya and I, Alaya is sooo cute!

She is so beautiful!
Alaya started doing this the other day, she is pretending to fly like a fairy off of "Tinker Bell". So her and Adam kept running down the hallway flying like fairies. So cute, oh don't mind Adams non-matching clothes. haha!


r said...

I love her belly peeking out of her pj's! So cute.

reyn and heidi said...

Alaya is so cute! And Adam's clothes don't match. lol- I wouldn't of even noticed that. haha. But since you pointed it out, I noticed! I am so jealous of you guys, going to Philly! I wish so bad that the dang school there would have just said yes to Reyn! And that we weren't still on a freaking alternate list. Oh well It's in the Lord's hands. There still is a chance that we could get a phone call. But it just stinks having to wait until June to find out. Well I love you and miss you!

Britt and Spencer Johnson said...

Oh my gosh have you been watching the bachelor? You have to watch this next week! The previews for next week's bachelor go as follows....
He takes the last three girls to New Zealand and they have romantic destination dates there. BUT... a surprise visitor comes. DEANNA! it shows a clip of her saying "I think I made a mistake." Then it shows him crying as he is contimplating what he should do! This is big!