Thursday, February 19, 2009

Having more than one kid.

So at the beginning of this year I started watching a 3 year old girl. I thought this would be good for Alaya to have someone to play with. Well I was just planning on watching one kid, then I forgot to take my post down and I received another call to watch a 15 mo old boy. I said SURE! Well it has been fun and makes having one kid a lot easier, that is for sure!! The lil girl is quiet the handful, she just doesn't listen haha! I'll tell Alaya to not just on the couch then seconds later you see the lil girl jumping on the couch. haha! Don't get it! The lil boy has been great! Yesterday his mom brought him over and within 2 mins he was asleep on the floor haha! So I just picked him up and put him in the port a crib. I haven't heard him once cry. I just hear 2 and 3 year old emotional girls,haha! It has been a good experience for me and fixes my need of wanting another one for now.


Carrian said...

I hate that Adam isn't there sometimes and you are alone to watch the kids. How is napping potty training going?

Felisha said...

You are rockin! :) 3 kids is a will be there soon!! I could have a large family if it didn't cost so much and raising them wasn't so expensive! :)