Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very Random!

My brother, Billy had surgery last week and everything went fine. He had to get 3 screws in his wrist and arm, ahh!!! My mom sent me a picture (but I deleted it from my phone, sorry) and you can see all the screws sticking out of his arm through the bandage. I asked my mom how they get the screws out and she said "They screw them out!" AHH!!! But he is doing alright, just in a lot of pain and on a lot of pain meds.

Adams brother, Jeremy came down from Idaho last night. So Adam, Jeremy and some other guys went camping overnight, last night, in the freezing cold snowy weather. Personally I think they are crazy for going camping outside in the middle of winter but they are guys. I guess they used to go winter camping all the time. CRAZY! Then today they are going snowshoeing, which is fun! Adam took his snowboard because I guess he thought he would be hiking up some HUGE mountains, he is soo cute!

Alaya is still doing awesome at Potty Training. Yesterday she woke up from her 2 and half hour nap with a dry diaper. I took her potty right when she woke up and went! So she is getting better! She got her "Pinkie Pie" Panties the other day for doing so good. I'm so proud of her!

So the other night Adam and I were watching a movie on our TV and all of a sudden the movie just stops and the TV was making this crazy noise! ahhh!!! Can I just tell you I hate but love electronics. No joke we always have the worst luck with electronics, they just don't like us or something. So anyways we think it is the cord from out DVD player to the TV that is the problem. Also our computer is being weird. It takes forever to get on the Internet and it is soo annoying!!

This is really random but does anyone else want to go to a Tropical Beach with me? I just want to lay in the sun and drink lemonade. I wish it was summer!! Sorry this post was very random!


The Thueson's said...

OH my gosh!! I want to go somewhere tropical. Seriously.. I am dying here in all this snow! YUCK!! Anyway, thanks so much for the potty training tips! I will be Blockbuster-ing that video tonight!! I love Blockbuster Online! :) haha! Is it still going well? I hope so! I need all the tips I can get!

Ty Lyman said...

I'LL GO!!!