Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Work Out!

Alright for all of you wanting to know what I do in my daily work out here it is!

I always start with a 30 min cardio. With running on 6.5 for 20 mins then for 5 mins run 7.0, then the last 5 mins 7.5. sometimes I will incline the treadmill to give me more of a work out.I don't run outside in the winter, it kills my ears and lungs too bad, but in the summer I push Alaya in my running stroller and I run 3 miles. Biking I will do it on a level 4 keeping it above 80 for 20 mins, 5 mins level 6 keeping it above 100, 5 mins level 7 keeping it above 110. The bike gives me a huge burn in the butt, it sometimes cramps up ahhh!!!

With working my upper and lower body I alternate the days. So one day Ill work my arms the next my legs but always do cardio and abs everyday!

Bench only on 20 and increase each week more reps of 15. So Ill start off week one with 3 sets of 15, 2nd week 4 reps of 15, 3rd week 5 reps 15 and so forth. Once I feel like 20 is too light I will move up one and start all over in the reps.

Free weights I bicep curls and tricep extension with 10 starting off, same thing in the reps, increase each week but I will go up to 15 lbs its the highest I go though. Once I get to 15lbs I will start the reps all over again.

Squats-100 will increase 50 each week. Those make me way sore haha!!

Leg curls to the butt haha! Don't really know what they call it. It is a machine though, I just do 10 and start off 3 sets of 15, then increase each week. Again Ill move up to 20 once I feel like I am not getting a good work out and start the reps over. But 10 is hard for me still, weak I know!

Leg Extension on same machine as leg curls to the butt, I do 10. Same reps and all. Will increase weight when I need to.

Then last but not least I do sit ups on the incline. I started off doing 50 haha! Cause I'm weak and having a kid kills your ab muscles. Then each day I add another 25 to previous number. So I am already up to doing 250.

Then I always stretch before and after its very important. That is the main work out routine that I do. There are more lil things that I do that I think help tone my muscles but those are the MAIN things I do. If it doesn't make sense let me know and I can explain it better.

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r said...

No wonder you're so sore! Thanks for the secret :)