Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alaya and Updates!

Alaya loves her Cinderella blanket and Pony, Pinkie Pie
HAHA! We make chocolate chip cookies and I gave Alaya one. I look over at her and she had chocolate all over her face and it looked like a uni brow haha! So we were all laughing and so in this picture she was saying "what? what is on my face?"haha!

Alaya making cookies!

Alaya is almost completely potty trained. Sunday at church she didn't have any accidents. She had one the other night because of me, I didn't go to the bathroom in time and she got really excited. She has also had lesser wet diapers during the night and at naps. Once she sleeps completely dry I will not put a diaper on her through the night. Ahhh this is a huge relief for me to have her potty trained.

Update on my work out. AHHH! I am so sore! I seriously need a massage! I have not missed a day during the week of working out yet (it feels so good to say that). I feel great, but other than I'm so sore haha! Pictures will be posted in 5 weeks!

I'm way excited right now, cause we find out in a few weeks where we will be going for sure this summer! I'm excited for the summer to be here so we can start a new exciting chapter in Adam and I marriage. That is Adam will be going to Nursing school! I just can't wait!


Nikki said...

What are you doing this summer? Just finding out where you're going to Nursing school or is he selling things? What are you doing for your workouts? I think you need to write that and tell us!

r said...

I agree with Nikki, tell us your workout routine :)

Congratulations on potty training! That is so exciting!

Ike and Bethany said...

She is so stinkin cute! I can't get over it. Where are you guys going now??

Carrian said...

HAHAHAHAAHA the choco-unibrow!! That was so funny looking over at her on the couch to see that!!