Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Billy the Kid!

Well today I got a lovely call from my mom telling me that she has spent most of her morning in the ER with my Brother Billy. Billy was up at Sunrise (in Arizona) snowboarding and it was his 2nd run of the day and he decided to do a jump. Which Billy is very crazy and daring at doing anything. He jumps a lot off of cliffs and jumps all the time. Well this time he hit the jump way too fast and went about 15 to 20 ft in the air and then landed about 30 to 40 ft away from the jump. He landed right on his wrist (well just look at the picture) and he also hit his head really bad! So he rode his board down to the bottom of the mountain and his friend drove him to the Fire Station, they tried to put and IV in him about 4 times and they had to pop his wrist back up.AHHHH!!! Then the ambulance took him to the hospital. So he is doing alright, he is on a lot of drugs right now. He probably will have to do light work at the Fire Department for awhile, until he can get a cast on. Hope you get feeling better BRO!!!

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Alicia said...

OMG scary! Let us know how the recovery goes! Hope he gets feeling better!