Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coupons and Savings!!

There have been people asking me questions about how coupons work and how to save money. Here are some tips below.

  • Watch for double coupon days. Some stores always allow you to use multiples on one item while others have specific days set up to do that
  • The first Sunday of the month generally has the most coupons in your newspaper
  • Just like with the newspapers many stores will give you coupon booklets they are about to throw out. Just ask!
  • Look for websites to print coupons for free like, Boodle.com (Coupons.com is similar), eclip.com, Smartsource.com and etc
  • Get two newspapers and double your clippings. You could always get one and then on the first Sunday of the month or early Monday morning go buy the newspaper.
  • Shop earlier. If you are like me and like fresh produce etc a lot of those items are marked lower in the mornings. The items are not as fresh later in the day and the store may remove the sale as the stock lowers for that item
  • Get cash and only use it to buy your groceries that month. This forces you to stay in budget.
  • Keep a price list, if you have a hard time remember what is a good price. A good example I always use is chicken breasts. While walking through the store I noticed a sale that had not been advertised on chicken. It was $1.39 a pound. I remembered I used to pay $1.79 and at one point we were even paying $2.10. I almost bought it, but I remembered I can get it for $1.19 a couple times a year elsewhere so I skipped and sure enough it later went on sale. If you find a really low price write it down. (Some online programs do this for you so you may not need to).
  • You don't have to buy every sale or use every coupon.It is easy to get excited and start buying things when you are walking around the store and you see it on sale. Just because you have a coupon or something is on sale does not mean you are going to get the "best" deal. Even if there is a great deal going on with a coupon the generic brand may still be a lower price than the sale and coupon combo.
  • If you see an amazing sale on something you always use and you have a coupon then get it. Every now and again you might find something that is worth going off the list.
  • Stockpile!!!! I promise that buying a couple of things at a great price is going to save you money. This is where having multiples of one coupon pay off.

There are so many more awesome tips to know. You can go to www.tangledandtrue.com and the posts are by Carrian (she is amazing btw) I just copied some of the tips she has posted on there cause they are good!!! CHECK IT OU!!!

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