Wednesday, January 21, 2009


First of all I want to say how good Alaya is doing at Potty Training! She is doing AWESOME!!! She tells me when she needs to go potty and mostly every time she goes. Yesterday and today she has gone both one and two in the potty all day long. Her nap and bed time diapers are getting more dry, which is awesome! She has done it!!!!! So I told her last week is she keeps doing so awesome on the potty that I will take her to the store and buy her Pony panties, cause she is really into "Pinkie Pie Pony" right now haha! So tomorrow we are gonna do that.

My brother Billy went in for surgery today. He has to get screws in his wrist for 2 months. Then I guess they take them out. But I'm sure for now on he will wear wrist guards and a helmet. But I haven't heard from my mom yet of how he is doing since he has gotten out of surgery.

Working out is going good. I have done an hour a day all week so far. Its good cause Adam keeps pushing me, I love it!! But I must say I'm having a hard time laying down and getting up from laying down cause my ABS are sooo sore!!! I seriously haven't worked them this hard since I was in High School haha!!! It feels good though haha.

So there are few lil updates of a few things that are going on right now!Hope everyone is having a great week!!


Carrian said...

Ok, my arms are sooooooo tender today!! I couldn't help but htink of you!! haha What happened to your brother??

Carrian said...

haha I am dumb. I read the post.

Julianna and Mark Weeks and Family said...

well in the words of one of my best friends down here, "I hope your eyes aren't bigger than your workout." and good luck to billy, at least there wasn't serious damage done, i have a guys friend that if it wasn't for the helmet he just 'happen' to take, his head might've been opened like a watermelon. (long story short = He cracked the helmet all the way through, head-on with a rock). tell billy "helmet next time!" says his aunt. lol. love ya'll.