Monday, January 19, 2009

Working out!

Alright so this past summer Adam and I did so good at working out everyday. We both got pretty toned but once we got back to Utah we just stopped working out. I personaly hate working out in the winter cause it is so cold. But I have been so lazy and I feel like crap lately, that I just need the work out. So my lovely husband started working out two weeks ago and of course it makes me want to work out as well. So he got me to the gym last friday and I was so sore the next day! haha! Yesterday I said "Lets take pictures of our bodies before and then after (every 6 weeks). I'm not gonna post the pictures until we hit the BIG 6 weeks though. Its always good to have some kind of motivation, right?


r said...

That would definitely be motivating (posting pictures). Good job getting back on the exercise wagon!

Cherice said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! I am so bad at working out. I have mastered the eating right now I need to master that part!!!!!