Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday my sister called us and asked us "if we would like to go sledding?" Well first of all I haven't even bought Alaya any snow clothes this year because last year she used her snow clothes about 3 times. So I have just been holding off. So when it came time to go sledding I was trying to think what we were gonna do. Well I pulled out her last year snow clothes and put them on her. They were a lil shorter than I would them to be but they workout good enough. She didn't get cold at all. It started off her crying and wanted me to carry here up the huge hill. While I was doing that I kept slipping cause my boots have no traction on them, haha! So I was laughing so hard cause I couldn't get up the hill. Finally about 10 mins of getting up a hill Alaya was freaking out and Adam just wanted to go home. I said "no we are staying cause it took me forever to get up that hill" haha! So Adam took Alaya down the hill and she just loved it. She wanted to keep going, poor Adam was soo tired from pulling her up the hill 20 times haha!!! I basically watched everyone (I did go a few times) and was holding my nephew Preston. He went down a couple of times but he ended up falling asleep, it was way cute!!!When it came time to leave Alaya through a fit cause she wanted to keep sledding. We will for sure have to take her sledding again!


Carrian said...

Ok, that does actually look fun. Darnit, we need snow clothes!

Britt and Spencer Johnson said...

So cute! We haven't been sledding this season, we need to go! We don't have sleds though! We did go skiing yesterday, it was way fun!