Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today Alaya was playing with her Auqaphor lotion and all of a suddent she is saying these letters.... B...A...B...Y! Adam was like what does that spell? She said "BABY!!!" Our kids know a lot more than we think they do. I was in complete shock. Adam and I have been walking around all day spelling baby and asking her what that spells and she replys everytime "BABY!"


r said...

It's amazing how fast they learn! Hazel spells bath. Grant and I always spelt it when we talked about it. Now she asks for a 'B-A-T-H'. Crystal, your hair looks so cute!

We got to Utah last night. I'll call you after Christmas when we are staying in PG. So excited to see you guys!

Ty Lyman said...

You know what that means? Little kids know more than we know :) You trying to tell everyone something? LOL. I would laugh if it were true.

Carrian said...

That is one smart girl!