Saturday, December 13, 2008


The other night Alaya found her ELMO cards in the game box and so I just let her play with them. I looked over and she had put all the cards in line. She will do this with everything and anything. Her favorite toys to play with are her princess figures and these 2 frogs. She seriously just plays with them all day long over and over and never gets sick of them. She also lines them all up and pretends to make them talk to each other. CUTE, I KNOW!!!!
I seriously don't know what I would do with out this lil Angel! She is so beautiful!!

I'm so excited that it is snowing outside!!! I just want it to come down where you are stuck inside your house. I had to go get a few things at the store today before tomorrow and the wind was blowing the snow so hard it was painful when it was hitting my face. It is for sure freezing outside today!!

I'm way excited cause tonight we have our ward Christmas party. It means I don't have to cook dinner and we get a lot of awesome homemade food!!! I love food parties!

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