Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My lil girl is growing up!!
So today Alaya hasn't been feeling too well! She has a horrible stuffy, nasty nose and she is way tired, So she was drinking a lot but not going to the bathroom that much (weird). She didn't go pee in the potty today, but she did go POO! She kept saying she had to go to the bathroom and so I just kept taking her in there like 10 times haha. So finally she said "mom, poot!" I thought she had gone, but I just ran her to the bathroom and got her on the potty. I left the bathroom cause she likes to go in private when she is pooing. Then 30 seconds later she RUNS out of the bathroom and says "MOM I DID IT!!!!" I was about to cry of how she was soo excited about pooing in the potty! I was sooo happy for her! So we are getting to the point where she knows when she has to go poo in the potty but still need to work on pee. AHHH! All takes time!!

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Fullerton Family said...

Hey, at least she's getting the "Poot"! If it's going to be one or another, I prefer that over pee! (Actually, right now I'd take either. Kami's afraid of the flippin' toilet. Sheesh.) Good luck, I hope Alaya gets better!