Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Potty Training here we come!!

So Alaya is now 26months old now haha! 2 yrs and 2 months old and I figured I should start Potty Training her. So yesterday I made it the BIG day. I made her a sticker chart for every time she goes potty on the potty and I bought her these really cute panties. So when she woke up yesterday I put panties on her and showed her her chart. Yeah that was great cause she threw a big tantrum cause I wouldn't give her a sticker cause she didn't go potty yet. So it started off really great! haha! Then I had taken her to the potty ever 30 mins and somehow she managed to go pee in her panties 2 times. AGH! Soooooooo it was getting frustrating for me but I remained calm and just kept telling myself it takes time. So then I changed the time to every 15 mins taking her to the potty. Yeah she would say NO!!! Every time I said lets go potty but she had gone 2 times on the potty before her nap!!!! YAY!!! So for her nap I just put a diaper back on her and put her panties over her diaper. Then once she woke up from her nap I put her on the potty and she didn't go. So I said ok we will come back in 15 mins (cause her diaper was dry so I knew she hadn't gone since I took her last). So then 3 mins later she ran into the bathroom and said "Potty, POOT!" haha! that is what she says for one and two. Pretty cute!! So she ended up going Potty on the Potty all by herself, knowing she had to go!!! I was sooo stoked about it. But then after that it went down hill she peed in her panties the rest of the night. But that was my fault cause we were putting up our tree and lost track of taking her to the potty continually. So we are on day 2 of Potty Training and I know it will all work out and she has done awesome sooo far!!! I'm sooo proud of her!!!

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Jessica said...

Well, even though the first day had it's highs and lows, it sounds like you are off to a good start!! She is so smart with everything else, I am sure she will catch on in no time :)