Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Potty Training Part 2

So today was a so so day haha! Lets just say every time I took Alaya to the bathroom (every 15 mins) she managed to pee in her panties after taking her to the bathroom. Cause she would sit on the potty for 2-3 mins and say "Done!" then she would go play, then pee in her panties. haha! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! There was this time today where she refused to put her panties back on... and she just kept running back and forth to the bathroom so I was just letting her do her thing. So I was on the phone with my sister and Alaya came to me and said "POOT!" So I went into the bathroom and sure enough It smelled HORRIBLE!!!(sorry for the details) and sure enough she had "POOT" in the potty!!!! I was sooo freaking proud of her!!! She went "POOT" all by herself in the potty!!! So that made up for all the wet panties all day long. So yesterday we got the pee in the potty down and today we got the "POOT" down so tomorrow will be BOTH, that is what we are shooting for!! HAHAH!!!!! But I can't give up and say "OK back to the diapers". I have to keep going with this or it will never happen and she will never get used to it. If you have any comments or tips for potty training PLEASE let me know!!!


Darla Pierre said...

Hey! We are doing great! Don't you love blogs? So how the heck are you guys? We miss your smiling faces! Where are you and what are you guys doing?

Felisha said...

Keep on tugging! :) It is sure nice when they are all said and done. You are doing great!

reyn and heidi said...

You are an amazing mommy! She will learn soon enough, because you are so good and patient with her. Keep up the good work ;) we love you guys!