Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it SNOW!!

Alaya and Peyton watching Mermaid

Today it has been snowing all day!! I'm sure that is what the weather has been like for many of you. I love it!!! I'm so greatful for it. Today we just snuggled up with each other and just relaxed. Then I decided that I really need to clean my house up. Then for FHE we had a lesson on "Service". We went and cleaned the chaple of our church and It was a blast. This was our 2nd time doing it and we enjoy doing it everytime. Alaya loves it too!! Then we went 4 wheeling in all the snow, which Alaya LOVES!!! We also had some friends over and played some fun games with us while the lil girls (Alaya and Peyton) played and watched movies together!! What a fun relaxing day!!


reyn and heidi said...

Well over here in Mesa there isn't a drop of snow. haha. I wish I could be where it is snowing. So I can cuddle up and drink hot cocoa and watch movies and listen to a fire crackle. But not this year. Oh well. That is what I get for living in the desert. haha. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! love ya

Carrian said...

That was so fun. Let's play again soon!!!