Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baking Cookies

Last night we baked some homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies as a family. Alaya LOVES chocolate, and just kept eating all the chocolate chips(notice all the chocolate on her face). She loves being up on the counter with me while I'm making food. She is such a great helper! Don't mind how we look, we have been staying inside cause it is way COLD out!

This morning we woke up to about 4 inches of snow on the ground and pretty much was snowing the rest of the day. I loved it! I like when it snows only for the month of DEC because it makes Christmas so much better.

I'm way stoked I'm getting my hair done tomorrow morning (THANKS COURTNEY!!!) My hair has about almost 2 inches of regrowth, ahhh looks horrible. Anyone that lives up in Utah and needs an amazing hair dresser let me know and I can give you Courtneys Salons number. (I'll post a picture tomorrow)

Last but not least Adam and I are going to VEGAS this weekend! We are way excited cause I have never been to Vegas! Adams office is taking everyone to Vegas, we are staying in the Stratosphere and they got us tickets to a magic show and rollercoaster. WAY EXCITED!!! My sister is so nice and sweet to be willing to watch Alaya for us while we go)THANK YOU SO MUCH FELISHA!!). This is gonna be way hard for me cause I have never left Alaya more than 8 hours at a time and OVER NIGHT!! Wish me LUCK!

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